Case studies of effect of diet & Lifestyle Intervention on Patients Under Treatment for Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade IV at the “International Conference on Recent Trends in Advanced Biology, Health and Environmental Sciences – 2018” Goa, Dec 2018.
Reversal of Cardiovascular Disease markers by Changing Diet and Lifestyle – Internal Environment More Important than Genetic Pre-disposition at ‘The International Conference of Environment, Gene, Health and Disease’ held in Coimbatore in August 2017 and was presented with ‘The Best Paper Award’ for the same.
Impact of Healthy diet & Lifestyle changes on various Pathological Parameters & Well Being of a Diabetic Patient Suffering from Terminal Hepato Cellular Carcinoma at the “International conference on Diet and Healthy Lifestyle in the Prevention and Control of Non Communicable Diseases” in June 2015 at, Chennai’.
Mr. Nikhil Chaudhary with his coauthor presented a paper “A case study of remission of re-current stage 4 B Cervical carcinoma by changing diet and lifestyle pattern” at the Global Cancer Conference and Medicare Summit – 2014, Hyderabad”.
He has also published a case study To Restrict the Growth of Cancer & Convert it into a Cancer without Disease or Remission by Changing Dietary Patterns” at the prestigious international journal – “Journal of cancer science and therapy”.


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