A lesson taught by a chef to a king - important for mothers today...

October 9, 2017

Once upon a time lived a king famous for his royalty and generosity. As much as he was known for his generosity, he was also known for his rich taste and cruelty to maintain its high standards.




His guest would marvel at the hospitality he would extend to them. His palace was the most amazing creation of man at that time. There was nothing extraordinary in the world that he didn’t possess.


He was very fond of food and had the best chefs in the world working for him with a menu of thousands of delicious food recipes. Though these chef were celebrated the world over and rarely people could taste the delicacies they made but over a period of time, all of them failed to impress the king with their recipes.


The king would get very excited to eat the food made by a chef after learning about the skill he/she possessed. He would offer them great deals and gifts to come and cook for him. Every chef who came and served the king would end the same fate. The king would not like the food and with all the disappointment he would order for the chef’s hands to be cut.


The kings disappointment grew and led him into depression. Eventually the whole kingdom was under insecurity and unrest. No one could satisfy the king. His temper and mood swings affected the policies and decisions he made.


A young chef was becoming very popular for his recipes. He would impress his clients with new recipes everyday and each food would be amazingly delicious. His fame started growing and quickly reached the king. As soon as King got the news, he ordered his men to bring the chef to him at once. Following the Kings order, the troop was sent to bring the chef to the palace.


Knowing fully well about the kings temperament, the poor chef had no option but to surrender to the request sent by the king and meet him. He reached the palace and met the king.


The king greets the young and poor chef with all the gifts and money which is beyond imagination for him. The young chef knowing his fate does not get excited at that.


The king orders the chef to make his best dish and present to the king. To which the chef obliges and replies, “Your Majesty, its my honour to cook for you. But..”.


The King Intervenes in an angry tone, “But? You know the consequences of denying me?”


The chef says, “Your Lordship, I would be a fool to deny a once in a lifetime opportunity to cook for you. What I am trying to say is that all my life I have cooked for poor citizens and I would like to cook the most unique and excellent dish for you. But I will not be able to cook it for you here.”


Confused and anxious the King asks “why?”


That dish will be the most royal and delicious dish ever with rare ingredients and herbs. It takes a long time to cook and the herbs which are found in the high mountains need to be fresh. So, either you will have to travel with me to the high mountains or I cannot cook that specific dish for you.


The king immediately replies, “We will go to the high mountains”.


The clever chef says, “My Lord there is another small problem. The herbs are very sensitive and noise can destroy their essence and aroma. You will have to travel alone with me and without any horses or peasants. The road is tough and we will have to go on foot for 2 days.”


The ministers object smelling a conspiracy. But the king over rules the objection and decides to go with the chef.


The journey begins and the king quickly gets tired. In a few hours time the king gets hungry and doesn’t have any food to eat. The chef explains that all the food that he is carrying is only specific to the ingredient of the soup and he did not carry any extra food.


After hours of walking and struggle, the chef stops at the end of a cliff with a beautiful view and tells the king that we have reached. We will cook the soup here and he will get the herb which is very close to the place.


The king is desperate and very hungry. The chef starts boiling water in a huge container and adds all the ingredients. He leaves it for boiling and goes to get the herbs. After an hour he returns running towards the soup and before the king could understand throws the herb into the soup. A few minutes later he takes a bowl full of soup from the container and serves it to the king.


The king quickly drinks the whole soup at once. He asks for more soup and says this is the most delicious food he has ever tasted in his life.


The chef serves the soup to the king and with permission drinks it as well. Quickly the soup is over and the king is happy and satisfied. The king tells the chef how talented he is and he is now the royal chef of the kingdom. He promises the chef lots of gifts.


While returning to the palace the king asks the chef about the soup. To which the chef replies saying that there was no secret herb in the soup. The soup was a plain boiled tomato soup. He says that he knows it very well that he can get killed for his act but for the king to get the best taste even from simple foods he must get hungry first. The whole drama of preparing the soup was to make the king hungry so that he would enjoy even the simplest of the foods like there was nothing better than that on earth. The satisfaction of eating anything at that point is beyond explanation.


Today, most kids don’t know what is hunger. Like the royal chefs, mothers struggle to make delicacies after delicacies just to make sure that their kids do not go hungry. These kids like the king always find fault with the foods and remain depressed all the time.


The simple problem today is that these kids do not know what is hunger. Between the age of 2 years and puberty at around 13-15 years kids grow very slowly. In between these spurts of growth, the kids have very less requirement of food and nutrients. But every mother complain of their kids not eating well.


Some try to impress their kids with culinary skills while others threaten them to eat more food. In both the cases, Kids supress their inner signal of not being hungry and forcefully feed themselves which over a period of time becomes a habit. This makes the children obese and vulnerable to lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension (Blood Pressure), depression, Heart Disease etc. Kids as young as 8 years are being diagnosed with such problems.


Later the same mothers force their kids to stop eating due to overweight issues. Again they override their inner voice of hunger. Over a period of time this becomes a habit and they suffer from malnutrition, stress and depression.


Again this leads to many health problems. Depression is the fastest growing problem in the world.


Failing to stick to their goals of weight loss, these kids loose their confidence and even ruin their lives.




Very simple, like the smart chef the mothers need to make themselves strong and clever. Let the king (Child) go hungry for a few hours and let him realize what hunger is. Then serve him/ her the most healthy food even if it is food which they always dislike. Miraculously, you will find that they love it.


You need not cook new menu everyday. Just make sure you cook healthy menu everyday and don’t allow them to eat anything junk while you wait for their hunger pangs to start. Initially it might take long. Some children can be very witty and tactical. They may give up food for even 2 days. But just wait patiently. The human body is designed to eat when starving. You will surely win the war once and for all.


India has 14.4 million obese children, the second highest number in the world after China.


An increasing percentage of people die globally among the over two billion children and adults who suffer from health problems related to being overweight or obese.


If we do not inculcate good food habits at a young age these kids will never be able to get into such habits later in life.


To make sure that our kids have a healthy and happy future we must take smart moves like the chef.


The entire kingdom transformed from depressed state to a very happy and prosperous state. The same transformation will happen in your home too.



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