A war that was lost without fighting. Stand up, fight & win your life. Diabetes!

January 24, 2018

Once a man claiming to be the enemy’s army’s Lieutenant offered to provide him with crucial information which he sensed to be false and immediately ordered for his execution. But just before the execution he intervened and offered the person to play a double agent to which he readily agreed with gratitude and helped him to win wars after wars.


On another occasion, he stole the military seal and dispatched the enemy troops to far off locations by creating false documents and gaining control over enemy territories. For his wisdom and quick action, he was truly called the wisest man in all of China.



As soon as he got the news about Sima Li and his troops, he immediately ordered all his guards to throw the city gates wide open and hide themselves. He himself wore a Taoist robe, lit some incense sticks and started to play his lute while chanting at the most visible part of the city’s wall.



Very soon, the huge army reached the city gates and Sima Li immediately identified Chuko Liang with whom he had fought many wars earlier. Chuko Liang continued his act unaffected by Sima Li’s army.


With such an opportunity to capture the General easily with open city gates and General in a hopeless situation, troops were desperate to attack, but Sima Li knowing the history of Chuko Liang sensed it as a trap. He immediately ordered the troops a speedy return.


Chuko Liang survived only because of the reputation he had of being undefeatable and the cleverest man who could do anything. On the other hand Sima Li lost the war without even fighting it because he was made to believe that there is a trap by the scenario created with incense sticks, lute, robe, chants, open gates and no visible man at all. If only Sima Li had slightest hint or knowledge about the real situation or taken some courage, he would have captured the General and executed him ensuring his victory over the enemy kingdom.


Beliefs and reputation can disarm an army without even firing a single bullet.


Here are some situations which exist today in the world. Which one do you think is the worst case scenario?

Scenario 1

In the year 2000, the estimates suggested that were 171 million diabetic people and alarming projections were made for 366 million diabetic people in the year 2030. Contrastingly, another study published in 2015 estimated 422 million diabetic people in 2014 itself.

  • 422 million diabetics in 2014 VS projected 366 million in 2030

  • 15% higher in less than half the time

Is this the worst scenario?

Scenario 2

Type 2 diabetes was earlier also known as Adult Onset Diabetes because this condition was generally found in adults especially in their late 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Now they have dropped this name as more and more diabetics are being diagnosed at young age and even in children less than 10 years of age. The number of teenagers being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is alarming and scary.


It means that number of people have increased tremendously which cannot be correlated to the increase in population because it has almost doubled from 4.7% to 8.5% between 1980 to 2014.


Is this the worst Scenrio? Then what do you think about the next one?

Scenario 3

It also means that now the number of years or the portion of life a person spends being a diabetic has risen from just a few years to almost the entire life. Diabetes is a major cause of blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, stroke and lower limb amputation. As I always tell everyone, it is easier to die once but difficult to die every-day while you live.


It means that our quality of life has gone down.


Is this the worst case scenario? Check out the next one before you finalize your choice.

Scenario 4

Most diabetics take either oral medication or insulin injections to manage their blood glucose levels. Total global health expenditure due to diabetes was estimated at 673 billion US dollars for 2015 approximately 12% of global health expenditure, and the mean health expenditure per person with diabetes was 1917 International Dollars. It is absolutely necessary to manage blood sugar levels if these people are not left with any choices.



But they lose the war without even fighting it, like Sima Li who retracted his troops. Almost every diabetic believes that his/ her condition can only be managed by medicines and it is irreversible. Like the Taoist robe, incense sticks, lute and the chanting tricked Sima Yi, all the diabetics are tricked to believe this myth of diabetes being irreversible or genetic or age related or any other XYZ reason.


Don’t you think that without even being given an opportunity to fight the war, if we lose it, then that is the saddest, depressing, unfortunate and the worst case scenario?


India is among the top 3 countries with highest number of diabetics. The scenario is unlikely to change as projected for 2030. But things can change. Diabetes is not normal just because everyone is getting it. 


If we continue to do what we are already doing, the results will be the same. To change the results we need to change the act.


Thousands of people have reversed their diabetes and live completely free of all medication by simply changing their diet and lifestyle.


One of my patients in her 40’s was on 67 units of Insulin everyday. Her physical health was absolutely not good and her limbs were starting to get dysfunctional. She had to drag one of her feet while she walking as she was unable to raise it. In just a few weeks she was completely off Insulin and was walking 7 floors up and down thrice a day.


There are many such success stories. But as I mention it to many, “It is easy to get cured but difficult to follow the plan”. For them medication is the right things. It is their choice.


At least know that you have a choice. (Some tips are provided at the end of the blog!)

Diabetes - An Introduction

Insulin carries the digested sugar in the body to various cells and when the sugar is already high, insulin is unable to deliver it inside. This is when glucose starts to show in the blood, we call this condition as insulin resistance or diabetes.


When a person becomes diabetic he/she is given medication to make insulin more effective by pushing the sugar forcefully into the cells. In severe cases the diabetic patient is provided with insulin injections which forces sugar into the cells.


Give it a thought:

Why did the cells (including the fat cells in the abdomen) stop accepting sugar and what happens when we forcefully try to do it?


This has many side effects. We all have read about the various side effects of each medication and effects of the disease on organs and health.


It has also been found that majority of Multiple Drug Resistant TB infection patients are diabetic as their immune systems are highly compromised. So it is not just the non-infectious diseases but also the infectious diseases which affect diabetics.

To get rid of the disease, we need to:
  1. Increase uptake of the sugar by the cells – By various forms of exercise and workouts. Any activity which burns energy.

  2. To reduce the intake of sugar in the food – Avoiding high sugar foods.

Both of these activities have shown improvement in insulin sensitivity in the body.


But it is easier said than done and the body does not work in a linear fashion. Also, people have many problems associated with the disease.


Most importantly, it is difficult to change lifelong habits for people and the huge amount of misinformation available adds to the problem. This is the reason, people refrain from trying out such therapies and that people do not know about it. Therefore, it is suggested that you may take professional help to help you change your habits, diet and lifestyle to get rid of the disease.


There is no one size fits all. A diabetic with acidity and another without acidity, a diabetic with obesity and another without obesity -all will have different diet and lifestyle plans to follow. As the body changes, the diet must also undergo changes till the body is out of diabetes and becomes healthy. After which now non diabetics can follow a standard pattern of food habits. At this junction, the habits become automatic and almost effortless making it easier to stay healthy ahead in life.

Here are some tips which will suit most diabetics:

1. Increase the intake of vegetables to very high quantities

2. Eliminate all forms of sugar

3. Eliminate all Dairy Products

4. Eliminate White rice, Maida, Packaged Foods, Fried foods

5. Eliminate Alcohol

6. You might need to eliminate Non Vegetarian foods and egg for short time depending on your case.

7. Do not starve yourself


I am sure you are thinking, we know all these things. So my last question is are you following it? If not, then why?


Let’s attack the city, capture the general and win the war. A world free of diabetes is possible.

You can leave your comments below and if you would like to get a personal consultation you can contact me at nikhilchaudhary86@gmail.com and you can find more information at www.nikhilchaudhary.com

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A war that was lost without fighting. Stand up, fight & win your life. Diabetes!

January 24, 2018

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