Beware! You are Pregnant

July 30, 2016

The untold story behind the health problems of the mother and the child arising out of pregnancy. Simple tips to overcome them. 

So Congratulations! You are Pregnant.

When a woman knows she is pregnant, the fetus is already about 4-6 weeks old by which time neural groove (future spinal cord) forms over the notochord with a brain bulge at one end i. e. the preliminary development of the central nervous system is complete. 


The next morning when you show up at your gynaecs clinic, she prescribes you the most well know pregnancy supplement 'folic acid' knowing fully well that you are deficient in this vitamin. 
Folic acid is found in green leaves. 

So bingo! She is right.

Important thing is that folic acid should have been started even before a woman gets pregnant and should be continued throughout her pregnancy.

Humans cannot make DNA, repair DNA, and methylate DNA without Folic acid and it is important in aiding rapid cell division and growth in pregnancy. Folic acid deficiency in pregnancy leads to neural tube defects in babies which is becoming increasingly common.
To support the growth of the foetus, the nutrient requirement of the body increases drastically during pregnancy. The gut flora (bacteria in the intestine) changes and that increases the digestion and rate of absorption of food. This is a natural phenomenon. It has been found that if these bacteria's present in a pregnant womens gut are transplanted in a mouse, it becomes obese.

Gut flora has been established to be so important that a significant difference has been found between the type of gut flora of healthy and unhealthy pregnant ladies and these also determine the body weight and health of the child.

Breaking News- Autism in Children is caused by lack of good gut bacteria. (I will write about this on future surely)

The rise in autistic numbers is depressing. It is estimated that from 1 in every 50,000 children in the past now 1 in almost every 50 children is Autistic.

No Insulin no weight gain, high Insulin no weight loss.

Insulin the master hormone of the body is naturally elevated during pregnancy. It makes ladies more hungry and also lethargic. Hyperinsulinemia (high Insulin state) is also a pre diabetic situation in people other than pregnant ladies and is the cause of obesity and PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). 
It is stated that approximately 20% of the woman suffer from gestational diabetes in India. Many of these cases lead to type 2 diabetes even after pregnancy. 

Tip- Pregnant women should avoid the consumption of sugar and refined grains. 

Firstly they lead to deficiency of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Secondly the increased absorption due to the changed gut flora leads to high glucose levels in the blood ultimately leading to insulin resistance i.e.  diabetes. This explains why so many women are becoming diabetic during and after pregnancy.

This sounds so very casual but it is not. Without the technical jargons it is a one line advice which can keep all problems at bay. 

Tip - Therefore it is very necessary to start eating whole foods like whole grains, whole dhals, pulses and lot of vegetables and fruits rich in fibre. Processed and refined food should be completely avoided.

Start taking care of your health when you plan for pregnancy and not when you become pregnant.


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