Destiny cant be fought - Must Eat the Rice Pudding

September 14, 2017

I am writing this today because a cancer survivor told me that an astrologer had predicted her cancer will recur. And guess what ? It did.


Science have come far enough to prove- what we think changes our body eventually to make it a reality. 

The longest study ever done on longevity is over 75 years and continues till date. The conclusion of the study was that the most influential parameter for long life was happiness.


Before I explain the science let me share a story with you:


Long time ago a Brahmin Pundit lived with his mother. In those days, Brahims were the knowledgeable class and some even had supernatural powers.

One fine day, the son asked his mother, "Do you believe in destiny and what is your opinion about changing ones destiny if he knew what lies in it ahead?"

The mother smiled and replied, "Yes! I believe in destiny and even if someone knew what lies ahead for them in their destiny they cannot change it. Because it is their destiny".

The son was puzzled but contested, "I think if someone knew about their destiny they can definitely change it".

The mother with a smile said, "if it can be changed then it's not your destiny". The boy said, "prove it to me and then I will believe it".




The mother with her supernatural powers to see the future told the boy '"According to your destiny, you are supposed to eat Kheer (The delicious rice pudding) tomorrow".

The boy laughed and said, "what is the big deal in that. I won't eat kheer tomorrow. I am going to prove you wrong tomorrow ma".

The next day happened to be kheer purnima an auspicious day when every family cooks Kheer and according to tradition, they must serve the Kheer first to a Brahmin as an offering.Knowing it very well, the pundit ran away to the jungle. After some thought that someone might pass from the jungle path and may offer him Kheer, he decides to go deep into the jungle and climbed a tree making himself comfortable there. 

Hardly a few minutes had passed when he saw a grooms wedding procession (Baraat) approaching. In those days people travelling for marriage took uncommon paths as they carried jewellery and other expensive things. The leader announces to halt and take rest and they will continue the journey tomorrow. Just when they all settle down, one member suggests to make Kheer as it is Kheer Purnima to which everyone agrees. 

They start cooking the Kheer in the middle of the jungle. 



Somewhere far seeing the smoke coming out of the jungle, the dacoits see opportunity and charge towards it. 

The steps of the horse was loud enough to be heard by the group. They immediately leave from there. 

When the dacoits arrive they find only the fire that was put off and the Kheer above it. The leader says its a trap. They start searching around and just then see the pundit sitting on the tree above. They bring him down and threaten to kill him suspecting him to be a cop. He pleads innocence. The leader directs, he be served the same kheer which was poisoned to kill them. The pundit explains why he was there and why he cannot eat the Kheer. The leaders becomes more suspicious and all of them hold him to forcefully put the Kheer into his mouth. 

He obviously doesn't die but he accepts that destiny cannot be changed. 

We should not worry about the future. While we can work towards a good future and do everything in our hands to avoid problems, we still can't control the future. It is absolutely important to have positive thoughts, laugh a lot, stay happy and accept everything that is reality without much pain. 

What we think shapes our reality. The advantage of being human is that we can not only think about our future but also experience our thoughts about future. For eg: If you are planning a trip to a place you love, just the thought of it will make you very happy. You start to feel as if you are already there. 

The new change/ act we do leads to new behaviors. These new behaviors lead to new experiences. These experiences lead to new emotions and these emotions lead to new feelings. Over a period of time, these repeated exposure of the same feeling leads to new personal reality which we call the personality. 

More often than not, these days we all live in the age of insecurity. With the thought of future worst case scenario, we start experiencing it right away in our minds. This eventually makes our personal reality. The body starts responding accordingly and we end up being exactly where we feared being. 

In this case, if the astrologer had said that now you will never get cancer then probably the lady would not have got cancer at all. Because that thought would have shaped her personal reality. 

There are cases where people die and others survive in unexpected conditions just by the power of their thought. 


Ian Gawler beat his cancer only by meditation. He is a living example of it. 


We often worry about things too much that wont even matter a year later. You can do a reverse check for it. A year back what worried you, is that point relevant now? In all likelihood, no! 

Once a man was told that he has a terrible cancer and he would die in 2 months. 2 months later, he died. When the doctors performed an autopsy, they were surprised. They found that the cancer had not spread enough to kill a person. The study concluded that it was the mental makeup of the person who was convinced that he is going to die in two months actually killed him. (Taken from the world best seller book - 'The Bilogy of Belief' by Bruce H Lipton). 

There is no point in worrying by anticipating the future. Instead we should focus on our present and live a happy life. 




If your destiny has 'Eating Kheer Tomorrow' then you must eat it. 

So, whenever you get stressed about future just repeat this sentence and you will be amazed how the stress just vanishes.


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