How a poor child became a king and what lesson about health can we learn from it?

September 20, 2017

Long time ago, lived a great king. Without a child to replace him after his death, he decided to identify the best child in the country to become the next king.


He declares that every child will be given a pot filled with mud and a seed. The child must look after it and after a year the child's efforts and sincerity to grow the best plant can make him the next king.


Every child takes utmost care of the pot. Plants start sprouting up, some of them even bear flowers and fruits.


Among all the proud children, one child does not get any plant. Depressed but without giving up, he looked after the pot very sincerely till the last day. Along with thousands and thousands of pots with amazing plants, he appeared before the king with a hung face. The king examined carefully and said, 'He will be the next king of the country'.


To everyone’s shock, the king reveals that he had roasted all the seeds before planting them which made them sterile and no plant could grow from it. Though the child did not get any results, he still worked sincerely & patiently for the entire year. Only he had been true in showing his results without manipulation & had the courage to face the king. We need a king like him for our country’s bright future.


What lesson about health do we get from this story ?


While we may not see the results immediately, some treatments take longer but give the best results.


The most important lesson that we learn from this story is that 'Roasted seeds do not sprout and are therefore lifeless'.


Seeds and Nuts consumption is the only food that has clearly shown link with longevity. The nervous system, cell membranes, Protective layer around the organs, fat soluble vitamins and compounds are mostly fats. Our body needs good fats and the best sources are the nuts and seeds.




What happens when we heat them?


Every fat has a temperature (Smoking Temperature) beyond which if heated, it becomes Rancid & carcinogenic i.e. cancer causing which should be strictly avoided. Apart from such dangerous diseases, it causes problem in the brain & nervous system, Cellular function, etc. That is the same reason why fried foods are dangerous. Frying is Dying. Such rancid fats increase inflammation in the body.


What frying does to oil, roasting can do to nuts and seeds. The polyunsaturated fats (PUFA) that nuts contain are more vulnerable to rancidity by oxidation. It may also give an “off” taste and a bad odour reminiscent of oil paint.


Dangerous Acrylamide Formation

During my Biotechnology practical classes in high school we were strictly told to handle acrylamide compounds very careful because they can cause neurological damage. Acrylamide have carcinogenic effects in animals and harmful effects on human.


In a Swiss study reported in the 2005 "Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry," researchers noted that nuts highest in free asparagine, a type of amino acid, had the highest levels of acrylamides after roasting. In this study, roasted hazelnuts contained low levels of acrylamides, and European almonds contained less than almonds grown in the United States.


There is still a lot of study which needs to be done on the topic. But one thing is for sure that roasting seed leads to loss of capacity to germinate a plant.


Spouted grains (Legumes and beans) are one of the healthiest foods categorized as super foods. If we go by the law of nature then the same should apply to nuts and seeds as well. If they are fertile, they will impart higher health benefits.


Hope the story will not let you forget the benefits of eating nuts and seeds WITHOUT roasting them.


Avoid frying and roasting. Save your life, eat healthy. Go Nuts!




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