The Dark Street, Lost Wallet & The Philosophy of Weight Loss

September 21, 2017

Once I was passing by a bumpy road in Dark Street with few street lights spread out in long distances. While riding I saw a man searching something desperately below one of the lights. Human curiosity compelled me to stop and ask if he needed help and what was he was looking for? The guy without bothering to look at me said that he had received his salary that very day and unfortunately dropped his wallet. I felt bad and wanting to help asked him a couple of questions regarding the color of the wallet and how did he drop it and where exactly he had dropped it etc.



What I found was that he had dropped the wallet a little further down in the dark street but he was searching here because it was illuminated with light. When he didn’t find the wallet he would move to the area under the next street light and start searching there. 


I offered to help him and we went back to the place where he had dropped his wallet and using the little light we could spread with the headlights of the bike, we focused and found it. He was happy to find the wallet and all his hard earned money. It was like meeting God! 



More often than not, we look for answers to our problem in places which look attractive and easy like the illuminated area under the street light. We keep searching and jumping from one light to the other. But we don’t get our solutions. Looking at the crowd, the entire world follows the same pattern and end up the same fate. 


The real answers lie in the dark where some efforts are needed, some light needs to be thrown and some patience to be kept. If not the headlights, the break of the dawn with the rising sun in the morning will surely clear the darkness. You will find the answers and the reward like the salary of the poor man. 


If we keep searching under the street lights, life will pass and we will lose everything. We need to get practical and take efforts. 


When trying to lose weight, we try:

  1. Quick fixes like fat cutters, health drinks, accessories, surgery and all other options.

  2. Diets which everyone is trying but without getting any results.

  3. Diet with which people have successfully lost weight with but quickly gained it back because the program was not sustainable.

  4. Diet which led to weight loss but also led to deficiency problems. 

  5. Programs which celebrities follow but is beyond the means of a common man.

These are all illuminated by media, celebrities, money making professionals, product selling corporations, advertising agencies etc.


Our want is to lose weight, keep them off and have a healthy life without any deficiency or diseases with a practical diet and lifestyle. We attach an impractical timeline to it unnecessarily. 


I want to lose 10 kgs in 3 weeks for my besties wedding reception. I want to loose 3 kgs in a week to join college. These are statements we hear very often and sometimes from within us.


3 months pass in trying to find options to lose 10 kgs in 3 weeks and we end up doing nothing or something wrong. We probably even end up gaining a few kilos in the process. 


Had we started a practical solution then by the end of 3 months we would be in a much better health and shape.  


When we set a goal we end up with 2 major problems: 

  1. First the goal is generally unrealistic.

  2. Secondly, in cases where people work really hard and achieve practically possible goals they invariably give up after achieving it which leads to more weight gain and health issues than the point they had started from. 

We do not need a short sighted goal. We need a life long process. To set this process up we need to change habits. 


Of course it will need some efforts which when guided with scientific principles and patience will make everything effortless and automatic over a period of time. The process will be an integral part of our life. In the process if we lose weight quickly, it is a bonus but not the primary reason. It is important that we all look at the bigger picture, overall health while we achieve our short term goal as well.


Soon I will write on some tips for weight loss.




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