What did Lord Vishnu teach Lord Narad and why exercises like running, swimming, Zumba, etc are not as good as.....

September 17, 2017

Exercise is important but we are missing an important point about exercise that is hurting us terribly.


Story first Science next:

According to hindu mythology Lord 'Brahma' is the Creator, Lord 'Shiva' is the Destroyer and Lord 'Visnu' also known as ‘Narayana’ is the doer. 


Among the 36,00,00,000 Gods in the Hindu mythology, ‘Lord Naarad’ famous for his habit of sharing secrets of everyone with everyone. He has another peculiar habit of saying ‘Narayana, Narayana’ at the beginning and end of every sentence as a devotee of Lord Narayana. 


One day he asks lord Narayan, ‘Oh Lord!, I want know who is your greatest devotee?’ Lord Narayana replies, ‘Oh my dear Naarad, since you have asked let me tell you about my greatest devotee. He is a poor farmer from a small village in India’. The smile on Naarads face in anticipaton to hear his name from his lords mouth suddenly turns into a frown. 


He takes the leave of lord Narayana and goes to the earth to see the greatest devotee of Lord Narayana. He is amazed to see that this farmer is a simple man doing his job. He takes the name of the lord only couple of times in a day and does not perform any special worship or rituals. 


He rushes back to Lord Narayana and question, ‘Oh lord, I am always taking your name and have been your devotee since forever. That farmer takes your name only couple of times and does not perform any special acts to please you. Then why do you say that he is the greatest devotee you have and I am not?” 


Lord Narayana replies, ‘Naarad, let me give you a task which will prove whether you are my greatest devotee or not?’ 


Saying this Lord Narayana places a huge pot fully filled with water on the head of Lord Naarad and tells him that he must go round the earth 7 times with it and not a single drop of water should spill. 


To prove his superiority over the farmer, Lord Naarad starts his journey keeping his entire focus on not spilling a single drop of water from the pot. 


Days pass, weeks pass and after a few months Lord Naarad returns to Lord Narayana with a broad smile on his face after accomplishing the task he was given. He proudly announces it to his Lord. 


Lord Narayana with a smiling face says, ‘Narad, I am very proud of you. You have completed a very difficult task though it took a long time. Now tell me, in the past few months since the time you started the task how many times did you remember me and take my name?’ 


Naarad was surprised and embarrassed. He was so occupied in the task that he had forgotten to take the name of the lord even once. 


He realized his mistake. Even when the farmer was occupied, he maintained a discipline to remember the Lord. He gave importance to Lord Narayana even in a busy schedule. 


Science Lessons

Instead of aiming at short term rewards we should always aim at long term goals and set a process for it. It is absolutely Important to build a long term process of inculcating things which are important with discipline in our daily lives, no matter how busy we are. 


Since evolution of a single celled organism to the sophisticated multi organ human, we have been designed by nature to move. I am sure all of us agree to it. Exercise is important for weight loss and disease free life. 


But exercise should be done with an aim of life long process rather than doing it for a short term and leaving it. It is very good to join a gym, dance, swim, playing sports, running, zumba or even going for a walk which will help us in terms of health. But in most cases we all give up after a certain period of time. 


So my suggestion after so much experience in helping so many people to lead a healthy life and even loose weight would be to start walking throughout the day. It is important to make walking a part of every activity we do. Talking on the phone? Walk. Talking to a colleague? Walk. Going to the third floor? Walk. Parking your car? Park your car a little further and Walk. Thristy? Walk to the water dispenser. Want to catch a bus? Walk to the next stop. You will be amazed at how many opportunities you get during the day to walk. 


Set a target of walking at least 10,000 steps everyday, during the day. Also make sure that you do not sit for more than 20 minutes at a stretch. Walk, walk and walk. What you do matters but what you do everyday matters the most.


This is a habit which will take some efforts to build but over a period of time it will become automatic for a lifetime. If you are overweight, you will loose weight (slowly) and keep them off. 


Of course you will need to work on your diet too. 


Nikhil Chaudhary

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