"The session was very informative and I am sure our employees have really benefited from it"
- Radhika Arora,
Corporate HR, Sony India Pvt Ltd, H.O. New Delhi 
"On behalf of all the participants, I would like to thank you for opening the healthy world in front of us. The points discussed were useful and practical & the life time examples shared were perplexing to believe. Worthy time spent in the session & I'm sure everybody were knotted to their seats until the end of the session. So engaging and thought provoking ideas displayed. Continue your best efforts and looking forward for another session!"
Vijayareka Gunesekaran
Manager - HR Specialist, Societe Generale Global Solution Centre Pvt Ltd, Chennai
"Your advice was very helpful and gave us a new perspective on health" 
- B Vasanthkumar,
Regional HR Manager, Sony India P Ltd, Chennai
I thank you Nikhil for bringing in a change to my lifestyle . I am this very impatient person when it comes to kicking off those extra pounds ! I would always fix a goal , let's say for a month , to get into a particular outfit and the likes .. but never could think of making fitness a part of my dailys. Nikhil not only helped me lose those flabs but also got me rid of my mental block of losing weight fast and not being able to keep it off ! Hats off to you nikhi . You are a game changer ! Keep motivating and keep inspiring
- Poonam, Designer
Bhuwaneshwar, Orissa
"It was value add for each of us who have attended the session. It is a great service in keeping people informed on the need to stick to healthy diet and having a change in life style for a healthy tomorrow."
- Ramanathan Nachiappan,
DGM - HR, Firstsource Solutions Ltd
"It was a very insightful presentation and I am sure all of us who attended the talk will immensely benefit from it."
- Vikas Arya -
Director, Tapas India FoundatIon
"Thank you so much for spending time with us to educate on the various aspects of food, nutrition & lifestyle change. It indeed was very informative session. Overall feedback for the session was good. Employee’s thoroughly enjoyed interactive with you."
Madhu Sudarshan, 
HR Executive, Saksoft
"Hey Nikhil,
Let me tell you that you are a person with a very different persona. You are good at heart and very good at your work as a dietician. The way you deal with your patients can persuade anybody to change their lifestyle and diet to become healthy. My best experience was that you do not experiment and customize the diet as per the needs of an individual. According to the response of the body further modulate the diet and bring back him/ her from the diseased condition. The prognosis of the healing is very quick and nothing less than a miracle in its true sense. I never thought Diet and lifestyle could do such wonders. It is much better than even medicines. The concern you showed makes me use the word ‘ALTRUIST’ for you." 
- Deveshwar, Bhiwani, Haryana
"From last few years I was going through the worst phase of my life. I had lost all the hopes whether I would be able to overcome all my sufferings and my chronic illness which I was dealing with since past 7 years.

I am a hypothyroid patient more precisely Hashimoto's which is an auto-immune disorder .Along with it I have been suffering from acute gastritis, low b.p.,water retention, acnes and the very frightening alopecia (baldness) which was added to my long sick list last year. I had tried all the medical recourses be it allopathy, homeopathy or ayurveda but didn't get cured rather diseases and suffering kept on increasing.
Previously all the doctors  I have came across focused on dealing with the superficial problems but Nikhil ji came in my life as the last hope because this was the first time someone was interested in finding the root cause... the new mr nikhil used to lend his ears patiently when I  continously kept on telling him my problems and he sincerely worked on eradicating the root cause.
By undergoing naturopathy and vehemently following the diet chart under his guidance i have resolved  many of my unresolved problems.My hair fall has drastically reduced ,my b.p. is improving,water retention has almost gone ,bloating has been reduced and since last feb I haven't taken pills for gastritis.one more thing which I would like to mention is that I have started smiling and feeling happy once again. I am able to take out time to develop my new hobbies.In short I became interested in life once again and certainly It's all because of nikhil ji devotion for his patients.He came as a saviour and rescued me from getting lost in searching for right treatment for plethora of disesases i acquired and pulled me out of my depression and anxiety ...thank you so much bhaiya...not only from me but from all my family members too.
Mr Nikhil  is doing a great job by serving the mankind and helping the people who have lost all the hopes to be cured. "Be like this always" The blessings of patients like us are always with you..."
Mrs Sneha Sharma, Ujjain (M.P.)
"I like to thank you for giving us an opportunity to hear your nutrition and diabetics speech and advices. Myself and my team came to know the dos and donts based on your advices. The session was really an eye opener for us."
Ramachandran, Chennai
Nikhil choudhary, This person changed my thinking about life, lifestyle and food habits.
I have met him in one of my office seminars. He gave a impressive presentation about nutrition and food and how its helps to cure various deceases. And that is one of best things happened in my office. I have contacted him 3 months before for my shoulder pain, nutrition and physical fitness counseling.
He introduce healthier things into my diet and taught me which foods encourage a healthier lifestyle, healthy living and also how exercise will help towards my goal. I am very pleased to say that i have lost weight and got better relief from my shoulder pain. He made me to realize myself how healthy food will change our body and make it fit. I have the 100% belief on him that he will help me to achieve 100% fitness. He is not only nutritionist but also a great motivator and extremely knowledgeable about nutrition. 
I really appreciate towards your contributions with ocean full of health information. Without you i couldn't achieve this. Thank you so much for everything Nikhil.
Srilakshmi K, Societe Generale, Chennai
I'm koushik 22 years working in a MNC in chennai. I had been a prominent sportsman from my early years of childhood. After finishing my school i moved away from my hometown and stayed in a hostel in chennai for my college studies. For the last 6 months i had been with problems like Brain fog , Acid reflux and Hypoglycemia. I had been Extensively searching about the solution for these problems and i came to know that nutrition could play a vital role in healing of the body. I came to know about Nikhil Sir through Quora. He Inspired me with his very detailed answers for various health issues. So, I made a call to have a consultation with him. He Guided me in helping to eat the REAL food to heal my body in reversing my problems. He Mainly Stayed with me throughout journey and helping me in following the nutrition plan carefully.  Now regularly playing my sports. I would heartily recommend you to others
McKinsey & co, Chennai
Employees started questioning their own food habits and many employees made minor changes to their lifestyle after the session. We, on behalf of Dalmia Cment (Bharat) Limited thank you and appreciate you for your valuable contribution that you have been doing towards the society."
- Michael Rajesh,
AGM, HR Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited.

"Hello Nikhil..

I just wanted to express my profound gratitude to you for the wonderful care and treatment you gave.. The diet plans you gave were very beneficial for us and no doubt the results were fruitful too.. Your treatment is wholeheartedly appreciated.. Your contribution is more than enough. Words are not enough to show my thankfulness. Your help you did our tough times will stay in our heart forever...

God's Precious gift.. My mother was suffering from Cancer.. She was almost in the last stage of her life.. But only because of your treatment she survived much more than expected..."

- Deepam
Businessman, Jaipur, Rajasthan

"Nikhil is an excellent speaker & highly knowledgeable on anything related to nutrition. His track record on reversing diseases through change in diet & lifestyle speaks for itself. His mission to educate people on the fact that 'Food is medicine' is fully backed up with years of research. The work he is doing in this area is highly commendable & it has the capability to be a real solution to the healthcare problem the world is facing today. I had a chance to hear him for the first time during a talk at L&T Chennai and since then I am continuously following his blogs, writings & articles. Looking forward to getting benefited in future too, and I wish Nikhil all the best in this supremely humanitarian endeavor. Godspeed!"

- Mohit Khemka
Ex-Senior Executive, L&T, Chennai
Currently Working for:
Andra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority, Govt. of AP)

"I have been under Nutritionist Nikhil Chaudhary for 2 months. I came to know him at the advise of my friend.
I have really benefitted from his diet plan and he took the time to explain things to me and help me understand just how important food is.
I would highly recommend Nikhil to anyone needing help in planning and eating Nutritional meals. Even if you think you know it all..l can promise, you don’t !
Nikhil always provided encouragement and made things super easy. He understood all my concerns, he was very easy to talk to and provided so many helpful suggestions.
At every interaction with him, he always had me smiling about something and I think that’s the best part as he is giving you a diet plan with a smile on your face always.
I truly can’t believe how much better I am feeling, simply because of proper nutrition and eating habits. Just loving this healthy feeling.
Wanted to thank you so much for all your help with my nutritional questions, I have learnt so much from you."

- Swati
Health Enthusiast, LONDON

"Thank you  Nikhil! 
I had lot of stress related problems. The most important one was acidity. I was also gaining weight because I was eating whatever I came across as hunger lead to burning sensation right from my throat to my stomach . 
When I heard of Nikhil through my Husband’s colleague I was first very reluctant as I thought that any form of diet would mean I need to stay hungry atleast at some point of time a day. 
My husband spoke to me about seeking Nikhil”s advise several times and finally I agreed to speak to him. I started on the diet two months ago. His suggestion of oil pulling, coconut milk in the morning , salads and more specifically moving to red rice gave me a lot of relief. At the end of the first month I had come out of that urge to eat any rubbish that came my way.

Last one month I have been on a weight loss diet program . For the last five days I have been on no rice and no roti . Though I haven’t weighed myself I feel lighter and even when I have felt hungry between lunch and dinner I have never once had the burning sensation these five days.
Life is so beautiful when you are healthy ."

- Anuradha Raghu
Health Enthusiast, Chennai

3 oct 2016. I called Nikhil. It was most tough time of life & my body was in such a bad shape (after 2 months of naturapathy treatment for indigestion and constipation). I had total loss of apetite and bad energy levels of body. it was a big challenge fr me to climb stairs as i was too weak. Gas formation with almost every thing I ate. Too much acidity. Weight was only 47 kg (ht is 5'5").

Nikhil always reassured me that i will recover & its only matter of time. 10000 times I gave up hope when my body was not able to accept the diet. The biggest culprit was my mind which was full of ayurvedic diet concepts that I have pitt vata dosh with predominant pitt dosh so lemon citrus all spices are extremely bad for me. But these were things which were most needed by my body which I came to know after starting diet with Nikhil. He removed all my myths about lemon citrus spices and so many wrong ayurvedic diet concepts which made my body very weak.

He not only gave me diet but also all concepts & deep information about how it will work. Being a Doctor and being too intellectual, it is very difficult to convince me unless u have in depth knowledge. But my mind surrendered in front of deep understanding and knowledge of Nikhil. Amazing in depth knowledge of subject.

Best part which I love about him is his 24 ×7 support. Even at 12 pm he was available to take care of my body and mind. Because of his unbounding compassion I never hesitated in calling him at any time. He was always there with open heart.

My body recovery had so many ups and downs but finally after 4-5 months my apetite improved, constipation never came back, enery levels started improving. My friends and my family all were happy that my body has started recovering.

It was only and only nikhil, he could motivate me to continue with diet for such a long time.


It was initial phase with him in july 2017 I again started with him for respiratory allergic problems. Again he put all his efforts so that i could recover fast. Earlier I ate fruits smothie and veg juice my cough used to get aggravated. But Through his persistent efforts now I can have fruits and juice any time. My immunity too is better and winters are no more a havoc for me. I was first one to start with sweater and last one to remove it. This winter, all my friends were so puzzled that I am not feeling too much cold, my nose was clear most of the times and no more hankey.

I can write a lot about him but words cant explain what he did to my life. He came as angel in my life. At last when any body asks how could I recover i just smile and say its just becoz of nikhil. Thanks Nikhil for being in my life

- Dr. Neeru Gupta
Opthalmologist, Chandigarh


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